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Alameda's Fine Wines

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Alameda's Fine Wines
Alameda is full of surprises including being the home to various wineries. Rosenblum, Rock Wall, and R&B Cellars are all located on the West end of the island. With each cellar bringing their own unique style and taste to wine making all of them collectively represent 94501 with a hint of dignity and elegance.
Rosenblum Cellars specializes in Zinfandel wines, which stem from a variety of red grapes grown in California. They are one of the most awarded and highly rated Zinfandel cellars in the state. It also doesn't hurt that Rosenblum is a featured wine in our Romance Packages. Rosenblum, which makes 50 different wines and 20 assorted types, created their habitat in Alameda in 1978 and invites you to come in for a tasting.
Rock Wall Wine Company is a part of the Rosenblum family. Started by Kent and Shauna Rosenblum, Rock Wall is not only known for their wine, but also for their events. Rock Wall hosts their own creative events including a Food Truck Frenzy and the Rock Hound Release Party in which a portion of each bottle sold is donated to the Friends of Alameda Animal Shelter. Rock Wall is also a common location for weddings in Alameda, and if you combine the location of Rock Wall with the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham wedding package then you can't go wrong.
R&B Cellars is completely unique in their approach to wine making. R&B Cellars is the largest family owned winery in Alameda and their belief is that nothing pairs with wine better than music. R&B cellars’ Kevin and Barbara Brown are owners, winemakers and Jazz musicians. They fused their two greatest passions, wine and music, to create a booming wine company that makes wine tasting a musical journey that you can savor, taste and experience in a glass.
Alameda being the residence for multiple cellars clearly shows you that even Alameda has velvety, refined and juicy gems tucked away.
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