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Facets of Alameda: Christmas Tree Lane

About 8 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Facets of Alameda: Christmas Tree Lane

Where: 3200- 3299 Thompson Ave.

When: December through New Year's Eve

What:   Recall your childhood's Christmas nostalgia and wonder and visit Christmas Tree Lane! In this Alameda tradition, families of Thompson Ave. conduct a brilliant light show to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Sometimes vintage and classy, other times funky and fun-- but always brilliant, these decorations bring the whole island together while drawing in masses of people from across the Bay Area.

              Every year before the light show, families of Thompson Ave. get together and discuss a plan for that year's Christmas tree lane. In addition to intricate decorations-- many of which are unique and completely home-made, events are planned out, including live music and parades. These events are coordinated with organizations from across the city to entertain visitors and to raise the holiday spirit. The experience is complete with neighborhood elves handing out candy canes and Santa listening to last-minute gift-wishes.

              The event has its roots in the Great Depression, when two cousins started to decorate. One by one, neighbors joined the fun and started decorating as well. Over time, the street's embellishments became more and more intricate, eventually evolving into what it is today. Now, although there is no contract to do so, the majority of households on the street participate in the event—participation for some members reaches back through generations.

The best way to see upcoming events is to check out the Facebook page for the event: Visitors of the street are also welcome to post photos and share their experience. Additionally, if one wants to help keep the tradition alive, it is possible to donate on the street.

We at Hawthorn Suites hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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