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Local Brewery Celebrates 2-year Anniversary

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Local Brewery Celebrates 2-year Anniversary

When: Saturday, February 25 at 12 PM - 11 PM


Where: 1716 Park Street, Alameda


What: Help Alameda Brewing Company celebrate their 2-year anniversary and commitment to refreshing the island! The night will feature live music from The Up and Down and a live performance from the Ukemamas. In addition to the standard beers, such as Cavanaugh Kolsch, Control, Alt, Delete, and Alameda's IPA, guests will be offered original taps, courtesy of local homebrewers.

     Alameda Island Brewing Co. embodies every craft-lover's dream by embracing innovation while adhering to Alameda values. Located on Park Street, the microbrewery welcomes everyone to tour their beautiful tasting room and brew house. After the tour, visitors are invited to relax, sip beer, and enjoy their family and pets at the outdoor patio. Many of these rooms are furnished with furniture made of re-purposed wood, further cultivating Alameda's welcoming attitude and community feel.


     The company's story begins with Matthew Fox brewing small batches at home. He was then stationed on the island while serving on Coast Guard Island in the USCG. He befriended Bill Phua, an avid beer-lover and engineer, while looking for a space to open his business. They teamed up. After a few years of hard work, involving internships and completing a grueling process with the State, City, and Federal Governments, they were finally able to bring their passion to Alameda. They decided to name their business after the island that they fell in love with, on which Fox met his wife.


     The beer industry is experiencing a revolution and the brewery welcomes all, from the connoisseurs to novices to take part in these developments. For example, the average beer-drinker is now more likely to pursue craft beer over what is produced by big beer companies. These trends resulted in a surge in popularity for independent breweries-- according to Business Insider, there are more breweries today than have ever existed, even since before Prohibition.


     Fox explains these trend, saying there is an "excitement about supporting local businesses and seeing the people who make your product partaking with you."


     His business exemplifies the benefits of small breweries over mass production. For example, larger companies don't have the time to engage customers, but at Alameda Brewing Company, customers are even involved in the creation process. The customer-brewer discourse emerges as a benefit of the company's small size and independence.

     Employees at the brewery run new flavors by customers with research-and-development batches, which are much smaller than what is distributed. Employees discuss these batches with customers and use the responses to make even better beer. Fox says his idea to do this comes from small-brewing days, when he and his friends would start conversations over beer. He is excited and proud of the continuation of this tradition.


     The brewery further encourages community involvement by hosting a homebrew program, which provides local homebrewers with the opportunity to use the company's equipment. After, the beer is sampled in the tasting rooms. These events result in great flavors and community bonding.


     To find out more about them, you can visit their website at: You can also reach them by emailing or by calling (510) – 217 – 8885. They are located on 1716 Park Street, Alameda. Their business hours are Tuesday-Thursday: 2 – 10 pm, Friday-Saturday: 12 – 11 pm, and Sunday: 12 – 6 pm.

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